A Martinsville Golf course and Bloomington Horse Ranch Engagement Session: Alyssa + Adam

Another fun engagement session incorporating the couple’s personalities. Adam is a golfer and Alyssa loves horses. Put that together and this e-session is born. I can’t articulate enough how gorgeous the fall has been and how much I love taking photos of couples such as Alyssa and Adam who are in so much love. Stay tuned following their photos for their love story.

How did Adam Propose? He proposed on New Year’s Eve. We went out for dinner and debated whether we wanted to go out to a party or just stay home, the 2 of us.  We decided to stay home, in the comfort of our own apartment and cuddled up to eacho ther, the only place I wanted to be to begin the new year. We were laying in bed watching tv when it finally turned midnight. At exactly 12:00am, the first minute of 2010, Adam proposed.

Who picked the ring? Adam picked the ring, and he actually picked it out a month or 2 before he proposed.  I don’t wear jewelry, so I told him I would want something small and simple. He picked the perfect ring for me.

Wedding theme colors? The wedding colors are purple (lilac, accented with darker purple).

Wedding date? May 7, 2011

How did you two meet? Adam and I met on September 23, 2009.  I had just gotten a promotion to work at the airport for my job, so my schedule changed from Monday-Friday to having different days off during the week. It was the first Thursday I had off in months, so my friend and I wanted to go out to the Vogue like we used to almost every Wednesday in college.  Adam, who rarely ever went out, was with his friend who asked him to go to the Vogue that same night. Adam decided to go since he had never been.  As I was dancing with friends on the dance floor, I noticed Adam walking on the dance floor. I noticed him looking at me, and also noticed how attractive he was.:)So, we kind of mutually made our way toward each other and introduced ourselves to each other.  We started talking and I asked him what he did. Now, for about a month prior to meeting Adam, I was thinking about joining the air force. Something inside me kept telling I belong with something to do with the air force. When I asked Adam what he did, he mentioned he was in the air force. I got super excited and told him my interests in joining, but suddenly had a peace…like perhaps this was my hint from God. Adam and I talked for a while, but then went our separate ways. About a half hour later, as I was walking back onto the dance floor, I saw Adam again. We locked eyes with each other and he motioned me over to him and said, “Let’s dance.” We danced the whole night…and a year later, here we are! It was lust at first sight…love at 2nd sight!!:)

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