Best of Stacy Able Engagement Photography 2010

This year has been so much fun. Shooting over 20 weddings, and even more engagement sessions, there are countless photos I’m in love with so I wanted to share a “Best of Stacy Able Engagement Photography”

Columbus, Indiana: The Kiss

Serenading in the fields with puppy Remy

Bloomington Indiana Farmers Market

Polaroid Engagement Photography 😀

A Crystal Cove California Sunset

BrooklynBridge Sunset

Chicago Skyline

Love and the Lincoln Memorial in DC

Can’t forget the Jefferson Monument (thanks to Kurstin Roe for letting me tag along on this session)

Inspired by a Marilyn Monroe/James Dean photo

Engagement photos in the snow:

A fine art portrait of just Magen during a session

Lots of Space

Far too trusting of couples

A bit of practice in sports photography

Fun Props and Themes

Nothing like a good laugh

Happy Birthday Julie

Great color and lines

Pure romantic, clean, and classic engagement photography: Stacy Able Style!

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