Bloomington Indiana Photography::: Macey!

Sometimes you meet the most inspirational people, and that sometimes happened when I met with Macey last weekend for a shoot. She is an extremely determined person working her way towards competing in a fitness show and if that wasn’t enough she’s in school for law. Not only is she extremely fit, she’s super nice and a joy to photograph and be around.

For Macey’s website we worked up some fitness and model concepts to add some more photos to her portfolio. She chopped chicken, she jumped, and even bent into a yoga pose. We laughed almost during the entire session and chatted about fitness, working out, and healthy eating. I really can’t wait to work with this lady again as I know she’s got such a wonderful personality.

January 30, 2010 - 9:26 am

Ravyn Stadick - Macey and I went to middle school together. Small world. Great photos!

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