Dog days of summer: Barbet (french water dogs) on film

It’s summer time yet again and the dogs and I are loving it. Frisbees are flying, the garden is growing, and gelato is being made weekly. While we are cooking out, I often snap a couple shots of our Barbet (french water dogs) basking in the summer sunset glow. All of these photos were taken with my Contax 645, a 120/220 film camera. I’ll have a longer post on that subject soon.

Hello Barbet Isis imported from Canada 2009

Meet Cinna the Barbet (French Water Dog) imported from France in 2007

Bonjour Barbet Cleo, isis’s sister, also imported from Canada in 2009

Isis ready to charge after the frisbee

Hola Barbet Lia. I birthed this little girl…

Last but not least Hola Lola. A chihuahua I obtained at Clemson in 2006. Ella esta muy chistosa!

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