Help Portrait Indianapolis 12/19/2009

It is that time of year again where snow is falling, gifts are being wrapped, and feasts are being cooked. A group of photographers, stylists, make up artists, and several others decided we wanted to take a day and pay it forward by photographing families at the women’s shelter in downtown Indianapolis. The idea to volunteer through photos was started by Help Portrait and the effort ballooned across the globe the 12th and 19th of December.

Starting with complete make overs including hair, makeup and styling these women came out refreshed and renewed. Once done with their makeovers, a team of photographers, including myself, were there ready to make them feel beautiful on film. After the photo session, the photos were whisked away to be printed and delivered that day.

The most memorable moment for me was after mother and son’s photo session, the mom gave me a hug and told me these were the first photos she’s ever had taken with her son.

I can not post photos from this event to protect the privacy of the woman but I can post a photo of the photographers and forward you to a link about our event.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

December 21, 2009 - 6:11 pm

Heather - Wow, Stacy, that’s really awesome. You’re just a great person and I really admire the things you do. :)

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