Cincinnati Eden Park Fall Engagement Portraits with Dogs

Megan & Scott’s Cincinnati Eden Park Fall Engagement Portraits with Dogs

Q&A with Scott and Megan:

Scott and I met at Ball State. We were both with our own groups of friends hanging out at Pine Lake, a public lake in Berne, IN and ran into each other. We hit it off right away and spent the whole afternoon hanging out together. We never exchanged numbers or last names, so it was only by chance (or fate!) that we ran into each other a couple of weeks later at a bar on campus. And the rest, as they say, is history;)

Scott proposed to me on Labor Day Weekend, August 31, during P&G Riverfest, one of the largest firework shows in the nation on the banks of the Ohio river. Both of our families came to visit that weekend (you think that would have tipped me off, but I was clueless!)  Scott had it all planned out–he had my brother’s fiancee hand off the ring and start taking photos so that we could document the entire moment. It was absolutely AMAZING, and I had no idea! See photo:

Scott chose the ring. I had no idea he was even planning on proposing. We had talked about it plenty before, but he always told me he wanted to get settled down in Cincinnati because of our move and make sure that I had a job I was happy with before we could start talking about the future any more. He knows I love simple and classic, and he did a fantastic job!! I’m so in love with my ring–it’s perfect!

Wedding Ceremony: The Benton House in Irvington, Wedding Reception: Mill Top in Noblesville, Theme: Speakeasy vintage theme
Mood: We aren’t looking for a costume-y theme but more of a classic Hollywood Glam, art deco, dark speakeasy feel. Our colors are oxblood and gold/champagne so that should enhance that vintage speakeasy feel. This was actually all Scott’s idea. I want him to be a part of our planning process as much as possible so it feels just as special for him to see it come together! He told me he wanted a speakeasy, prohibition era, cigars, whiskey feel, and I chose the colors and looked into venues that would bring his vision to life!:)

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Factory 12 Loft and Inn at Irwin Gardens Columbus Indiana Wedding

Alex & Cj’s Factory 12 Loft and Inn at Irwin Gardens Columbus Indiana Wedding

You may want to get a Moscow mule before you dig into these photos as I don’t even know where to begin with Alex and CJ’s wedding.  These two picked the perfect time of year in Indiana to get married. They had their ceremony and reception at the Inn at Irwin Gardens and the Factory 12 Loft which are two amazing wedding locations in Columbus. Although the rain threatened to the outdoor ceremony, it stopped just in time and everything was perfect. Alex and Cj’s first looks made this wedding photographer very happy as it allowed for ample photo time. From the first look with the bridesmaids, the RV tequila shots, to Alex singing to CJ, there were so many amazing moments and details to capture. Thank you so so much Alex and CJ in having Walter and I be your photographers. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you two documenting your moments.

Q&A with Alex and CJ:
October 18, 2014 was a production in the making. CJ and I have been together for just under 8 years, and couldn’t wait to make it official! We got engaged in January, and it was no secret to anyone that I “needed” to have a fall wedding. Fall is my favorite season, and getting married with the Indiana leaves just sounded perfect to me. During dinner with our family on the night of our engagement, we were discussion timing, where we should get married (Indy – where CJ and I live or Columbus - where we grew up), etc. During this time my mom was really quiet. All of a sudden she spoke up, saying she had a surprise. Apparently after CJ had asked for my parents’ permission to marry me, in December, she decided to book the Inn at Irwin Gardens for our ceremony (a gorgeous place for a fall wedding) and the Factory 12 Event loft for our reception without telling me or CJ. She knew I had wanted to have our ceremony at Irwin, or at least wedding pictures, and October 18, 2014 was the last available date for the fall. It was an awesome surprise!! And just like that our venues, date, and a few vendors were all set. The following weekend I went to a bridal show in Columbus, and booked the rest of our vendors. The planning process went very smoothly. Our 9 month engagement was plenty of time. We had fun figuring out our dual religion ceremony (because I am Jewish and he is Christian), taking dance lessons, and truly making the day our own.

Wedding day was interesting! The forecast said everything from 67 and sunny to 43 and rainy, so I had to try to keep my cool while getting my hair and makeup done with my bridesmaids. We had a great morning, and beginning of pictures until the rain started. Despite the cold rain, we still managed to get pictures with everyone, no one fell or ruined their clothing, and the sun came out later, only forcing us to delay for 30 minutes. After that, it was amazing! Our family and friends dried off chairs faster than I had ever seen. Talk about feeling loved! Everything was perfect. It was a gorgeous evening, the leaves couldn’t have been more stunning, and I married my best friend. The reception was a blast too! It was the best day, and went even better than I expected it to. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. The speeches/toasts, dances, and little personal touches made it an incredible wedding.

Favorite moment(s)?
Alex: I have a few favorite moments. One of my favorite moments was singing “Stay with You” – John Legend to CJ. It was a total surprise that I had been planning for as long as I can remember. He always wants me to sing, because I sang in high school, and hated that I didn’t continue in college. He was so surprised and it was so much fun for me to perform for him.

Another favorite moment was hearing the toasts and speeches from our family and friends. Fun stories, laughs, and tears were shared and it was so fun to have the people who know us best share the spotlight with us on our day. We even had my grandparents share our honeymoon destination -my travel agent grandmother planned it as a surprise for us!

I will share one other favorite moment and that was walking down the aisle. My adorable three year old cousin had so carefully placed rose petals for me to walk on, and I was shaking and nearly in tears with my dad. Watching everyone’s’ supportive and loving faces, and finally CJ’s face as I walked was really special…I will never forget that walk. It was an incredible bonding moment for me and my dad. My dance with my dad was also really emotional and something I will cherish forever…

CJ: My favorite moment was standing under the Chuppa with Alex. All of our work, mostly hers ;), hours spent, dance practices, and just under eight wonderful years of dating had finally come to fruition. It was awesome to finally be, hand in hand, with Alex and all of our friends and family watching and supporting us in our marriage. Another favorite moment of mine was seeing all my long time friends, fraternity brothers, and family members. We (my friends and I) haven’t all been together since graduation and it was great to all meet up again, have a beer together, and celebrate this awesome day. Also, it had been a while since I had seen some of my family members, let alone the wonderful new family that I have married into.
Funniest moment(s)?

Alex: The Hava Nagila Chair dance, a Jewish tradition, also known as the Hora. CJs friends have been dying to do this since I met them, even when they just had an inkling that we were going to get married several years ago. Seeing a bunch of Hoosiers lifting the chairs and dancing around in their first Hora circle was hilarious. Everyone was so into it, trying to do the technical steps, but ending up just running around in a circle. So much fun!

CJ: The funniest moment for me was the RV (we took an RV from the ceremony to the reception) with the entire wedding party crammed in, listening to blaring music, signing along, and drinking some adult beverages to celebrate. We were all sloshing around with the movement of the RV and trying not to tip over while pouring champagne and listening to music. It was an absolute blast. NOTE: See attached picture for one of the best pictures from that…
First Dance Songs? Me and CJ – Everything, Michael Buble; Me and My Dad (Marc) - Daughters, John Mayer; CJ and his Mom (Susan) – My Favorite Things, Sarah Vaughn

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