2011 World Dog Show in Paris: Macaron & Baguette

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything personal, but my 2011 World Dog Show images from Paris were too scrumptious to not share. Fair warning, I’m a foodie and after making 1000s of macarons in America, I know what a macaron should look and taste like.

Baguettes and Macaron, are two tasty french delicacies I lived on for the World Dog Show Week. I started by visiting the creme de la creme of Macaron bakers, Pierre Herme and Lauderee. 100+ Euros later, I had two beautiful boxes, the Lauderee I still have as a memento, of uniquely flavored Macaron. Hands down, Lauderee  to me, tasted the best as well as superior in structure, and packaging. Their pale blue box was delicate, beautiful, and sturdy to withstand one tired American’s stumble down subway stairs. Pierre Herme, with no tripping, were completely squished after a stoll around Paris.

Can’t forget delicate croissants, crunchy baguettes and rich brioche we had for breakfast each day.

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